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RHK Nanoscience using R9plus - PanScan Freedom - Beetle UHV VT STM
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PanScan Freedom Cryogen-Free LT AFM/STM
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Image of the
May 2017
Microscope used:
Agilent Pico SPM with RHK R9 Controller
Credit: Diana Yugay, Dominic P. Goronzy, Lisa M. Kawakami, Shelley A. Claridge, Tze-Bin Song, et. al.
Pan scan, Quad Probe, R9  Featured Event View All
ECASIA #17 – European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis - September 24 – 29 Montpellier, France European Conference...




Designed for easy adaptation, PanScan is a compact, non-magnetic SPM scanner, available in configurations from kits to complete cryogen free low-temperature systems.


The VT Beetle is the most mechanically and thermally stable of the many variable temperature SPM designs on the market today.

R9plus Control

See what you have been missing. The revolutionary architecture of the R9 provides the highest signal quality and performance in an elegant one-box design.

Ambient Systems

The intersection of performance and affordability for entering the field UHV SPM. Ambient configurations for bench top measurements.


QuadraProbe offers LT tip and sample, superb SEM resolution, and up to four independently positionable STM or qPlus AFM probes, each providing atomic resolution and electrical measurements.


Designed for maximum compatibility and perfomance to enhance your RHK system.
Look to RHK for the answer.
From integrating existing equipment, to adding our drop-in SPM Kit or a special turnkey system. RHK partners with you to design and build the ideal solution for your research needs. Contact Us

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9k Pan Scan FreedomApp Notes
New Application Note for KPFM
9k Pan Scan FreedomEvents
77th annual Physical Electronics Conference

June 27 – 29 in Portland, Oregon, USA 77th annual Physical Electronics Conference The Conference will be held at the University Place Hotel and Conference Center at Portland State University. […]

9k Pan Scan FreedomImage of the Month
Copper Ion Binding Site in β‐Amyloid Peptide

Figure 3. Scanning tunneling microscopy images of Aβ1−16-Cu2+ (a,b) and Aβ1−16 (c,d). Imaging conditions: (a,b) 10 nm × 10 nm, Vsample = 0.55 V, Itunnel =10pA;(c)10nm×10nm,Vsample =0.25V,Itunnel =17pA;(d)10nm×10nm,Vsample =0.30V,Itunnel =14pA. […]

9k Pan Scan FreedomImage of the Month
Latent heat induced rotation limited aggregation in 2D ice nanocrystals

(c) STM image of a branch of a fractal. The sample bias is 0.5 V and the tunnel current is 0.2 nA. (d) Differential conductivity recorded at the environment of […]

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ECASIA #17 –European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis
September 24 – 29 Montpellier, France European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis The Conference will be held at Le CORUM, Esplanade Charles De Gaulle BP 2220 34000 Montpellier http://www.ecasia2017.com/