Successful History and Growing Future

1981 RHK founded to develop scientific instruments
1981 HREELS (High-Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer)
1983 Digital Temperature Controller, new standard for TPD studies
1987 First commercial STM Control System
1994 Beetle STM System
1996 Variable Temperature (VT) Beetle STM System
1999 DSP-based SPM Controller, SPM1000 Rev 8
2001 Beetle VT AFM
2003 XPMPro™ Control Software
2004 Cryogenic 4-Probe SPM System (QuadraProbe) #1, with SEM/SAM
2005 PLLPro™ digital NC-AFM Controller
2007 AFM/STM/SEM Beetle System
2007 Variable Magnetic Field (VMF) AFM/STM Beetle System
2008 XPMPro2 SPM Software
2009 LT PanScan STM Kit in collaboration with Prof. S. Pan (Univ. of Houston)
2009 PLLPro2™ NC-AFM Controller
2010 LT QuadraProbe-SEM System #2, with Cathode Luminescence probe/spectrometer
2010 R9 STM next-generation digital SPM Control System
2010 Air Force Phase II STTR funding award for unique Nano-analytical instruments
2011 R9 AFM/STM single-box solution for Universal SPM Control
2012 LT PanScan STM/AFM-qPlus Kit
2012 LT QuadraProbe-SEM System #3, with magnetic field, microwave signal to probes