Press Releases

January 10, 2012

New Addition to RHK Technical Staff

RHK welcomes Dr. Byoung Choi as the newest member of our Research and Development team. Dr. Byoung Choi received his PhD in Physics in 2006 in the group of Prof. Young Kuk with a topic of: “Chemical and Mechanical Manipulation of Azobenzene Molecules by STM” He later joined Dr. Miquel Salmeron’s group at LBNL in 2006 as a Post Doc where he developed a cryogenic STM/AFM based on the qPlus sensor and studied various systems including water adsorbed on the Cu(110) surface.

His research interests included Atomic resolved imaging and manipulation of water adsorbed surfaces and water related reactions with STM and NC-AFM Surface chemical reactions and catalysis at the molecular level Photoreaction studies of photosensitive molecules Phonon and electron mediated surface dynamics of molecules and nanostructures

At RHK, Dr. Byoung Choi will utilize his expertise on projects including our PAN cryogenic STM/AFM and Quadraprobe systems.