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Convenient, economical, easily-upgradeable Beetle for table-top Atmospheric AFM / STM

Beetle Ambient STM/AFM Overview

At the intersection of performance and affordability for benchtop, glovebox, or ultimately moving to HV or UHV, Beetle Ambient Systems are a perfect beginning. RHK’s ATM (Atmospheric) Beetles provide a unique instrument solution for researchers. The Beetle ATM series offers users a true state-of-the-art SPM instrument that is completely UHV compatible. No other instrument provides this level of functionality with unlimited upgradeability.


  • Dedicated STM or Beam-Deflection-AFM/STM models available for Beetle Ambient Systems
  • Beetle Scanner Design – Unmatched thermal stability. Scan the same area of a sample repeatedly without drifting
  • R9plus Controller – The world’s standard in control flexibility and performance
  • Convenient Lexan and frame enclosure for easy bench top or air table use.
  • Open Design – Optical access to tip/sample interface
  • UHV materials and construction
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Beetle Ambient STM/AFM Specifics

  • Inherent Mechanical and Thermal Stability due to small mechanical and thermal loop, inherently stiff and compact Beetle design, and symmetrical geometry.
  • Easy day-to-day use without frustration of others’ more complex and less intuitive approach
  • Uncompromised AFM (Beam Deflection) and STM Performance
  • Beetle-Design Scan Head: Inherently Stiff, Mechanically and Thermally Stable
  • Highly Evolved R9plus SPM Control System
  • Coarse XY positioning at least 5 mm x 5 mm
  • Scan range of at least 5 micron x 5 micron XY
  • Minimum resolution of 0.5Å (X, Y) and 0.1Å (Z).
  • Thermal drift <1 Å/min
  • Sample size 10mm diameter
  • Direct upgrade path from ambient Kits to Hi-Vac or UHV complete systems
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