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Unique design delivers realtime continuously variable magnetic field

Beetle UHV VT VMF Overview

RHK’s VT Beetle is the most mechanically and thermally stable of the many variable temperature SPM designs on the market today. Wide VT operation of the Beetle from approx. 40 K (LHe) to >1500 K is coupled with easily aligned AFM enabling a full range of techniques from advanced NC-AFM to true quantitative friction force measurements. The user can easily switch between STM and AFM in UHV, and exchange and store samples, tips, and probes in UHV.

Now RHK brings affordable magnetic capability with uncompromised UHV AFM/STM VT performance. Equipped with a UHV SPM Variable Magnetic Field at a fraction of the cost of a typical system, RHK’s new VMF Beetle delivers a magnetic field in plane with the sample and variable/reversible to 3000 Gauss and beyond. Its unique electromagnet design delivers a reversible and continuously variable field up to 1 Tesla (option) in plane with a sample size of 1 cm. Out of plane magnetic field is also available. The field can be varied real-time while imaging without retracting the probe from the sample. And its smart design means that ex-vacuum convectional electromagnets require no cooling.

Five Key Features of the Beetle UHV VMF SPM:

  1. Ability to vary the magnetic field while imaging in real-time without retracting the probe.
  2. Over 3000 gauss and higher in plane with sample size of 1 cm. Options for a vertical magnet field are available.
  3. Electromagnets provide reversible and continuously variable field.
  4. Easily reproducible field strength across multiple samples and runs.
  5. No compromise in resolution, drift, stability, and vibration isolation.
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Beetle UHV VT VMF Specifics

  • Inherent Mechanical and Thermal Stability due to small mechanical and thermal loop, inherently stiff and compact Beetle design, and symmetrical geometry. Thermal drift <1 Å/min
  • Easy day-to-day use without frustration of others’ more complex and less intuitive approach
  • Strong Field: Up to 1T magnetic field in sample plane
  • Options: Out of plane magnetic field available
  • Smart Design: Ex-vacuum convectional electromagnets require no cooling and provide continuously variable & reversible fields
  • No Compromise: In SPM resolution, drift, or stability
  • Heating samples has no impact on Scan Tube, eliminating danger of affecting its thermal coefficient and causing drift
  • Beetle design scans more quickly than sample scanners due to fewer restrictions on resonant frequency
  • Coarse XY positioning at least 5 mm x 5 mm
  • Scan range of at least 5 micron x 5 micron XY
  • Minimum resolution of 0.5Å (X, Y) and 0.1Å (Z).
  • Thermal drift <1 Å/min
  • Sample temperatures: from approx 40 K (LHe) / 115 K (LN2) to >1500 K
  • Beetle sample holder uniquely provides true and accurate sample temperature measurement via thermocouple in direct contact with sample itself.
  • Sample temperatures from 25 K to >1500 K on SPM sample stage and on manipulator stages in preparation/analysis chambers
  • Sample temperature while imaging: 750 K for AFM, 1000 K for STM
  • 6 electrical contacts to sample holder (2 for temperature, 2 for heating, 2 for auxiliary use such as BEEM). A single holder conveniently supports all heating and cooling modes – radiative, e-beam, resistive/DC; LN2 and LHe
  • Sample holders also available for Cleaving; delivering RF signal to sample; and heating in reactive gases via Quartz Bulb or Ceramic Button
  • Sample size 10mm diameter
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