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Do-it-yourself: Versatile Kit with easy drop-in for your bath cryo or chamber

PanScan Scanner Overview

At the heart of all PanScan systems is the remarkably robust PanScan scan head. While designed and optimized for Low Temperature and Magnet fields, it is extremely versatile in numerous demanding settings. Compact, rugged, capable of atomic resolution in or out of high-Tesla environments or temperatures from mK to 400 K. Operates from ambient to UHV.

PanScan scanners use industry-standard flag-style sample plates. PanScan offers a wide variety of important practical features, such as 4 electrical contacts on the sample stage (standard); internal temperature sensor; internal sample heater for small localized temperature tweaks; large rear opening in the body to view tip/sample approach; and 4 symmetrical openings around the body for in-situ sample deposition or optical access to the tip/sample junction.

Compact and so adaptable – the perfect fit for the Freedom closed cycle cryostats and Freedom Tesla magnet bores or integrated into 3rd party bath cryostats, or dropped in or bolted-on as a multi-functional SPM for homebuilt systems. Let us put a PanScan to work for you today.

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PanScan Scanner Specifics

  • Dedicated STM or STM/qPlus AFM, switchable in vacuum
  • mK & High Magnetic Field Compatible
  • Imaging from mK to LT to 400K, in or out of high Tesla magnet fields
  • Atomic resolution
  • Ultra-rigid, ultra-stable design
  • Very low drift
  • Change tip or sample without disturbing the other
  • Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
  • Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy
  • Coarse positioning XYZ: 4mm x 4mm x 8mm
  • Scan range: 5µ x 5 µ XY at RT
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