Preparation & Analysis Equipment

To complement all of RHK’s advanced UHV AFM/STM SPM systems, preparation and analysis equipment can be added and integrated to create complete and versatile surface science platforms.

RHK SPMs are thoughtfully designed from the beginning for easy modular upgrades over time as funding permits and research evolves. Adding RHK prep-analysis chambers and instruments brings powerful new research capabilities to SPM systems and greatly increases overall functionality.

RHK tailors prep/analysis upgrades to individual user needs and preferences without restricting the choice to a particular brand of instrument. Instead, RHK works with several close industry partners to select specialized best-in-class instruments such as LEED, XPS, SEM, evaporators, and ion sources. Our approach assures the user’s requirements are met without compromise or trade-offs.

An RHK prep/analysis chamber is chosen to accommodate the selected instruments. The chamber can be one of several pre-designed configurations or completely customized for unique research objectives. Then these instruments and chamber are fully integrated with the SPM system, and the complete platform is thoroughly tested, delivered, and installed.

RHK can also install a prep-analysis chamber and instrument upgrade for an existing SPM system at the customer’s site, so the original system never has to leave the laboratory. In either case, the result is a complete system with seamless, turnkey operation, advanced functionality, and ongoing support.