Quadraprobe Family


Quadraprobe Family Overview

QuadraProbe: A sophisticated, four-probe, Low Temperature UHV AFM/STM system. The QuadraProbe is designed and outfitted to be the ideal platform for electrical measurements and electron transport studies on devices such as nano-wires and carbon nanotubes.

A complete multi-technique, multi-chamber UHV system, the LT QuadraProbe uses a cryogenic bath cryostat to uniformly chill the four probes and the sample to 10 K (standard) or optionally to 4-6 K for the most meaningful Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS) and transport measurements. The bath cryostat can achieve up to a 48 hour hold time or better at stable temperatures for long, uninterrupted experiments. Each of the four probes can be independently positioned, and each is capable of atomic resolution. Four STM tips are standard; as an option, any number of these probe positions — from one to four — can be converted in vacuum to AFM-qPlus sensor for use on insulating or conductive samples.

RHK has also developed several unique Specialty Applications for the QuadraProbe to further broaden the range and versatility of advanced multi-probe experiments available to scientists. These include Cathode Luminescence, coupling microwave signals to the tips, and applying a magnetic field to the sample.

QuadraProbe Quick Specifications

  • Four smart probes: STM or AFM, interchangeable in vacuum
  • Each probe independently positionable and capable of atomic resolution
  • Chilled probes and sample as low as 4-6 K (LHe), 4. On-board SEM with up to 5 nm resolution
  • Integrated control system with single operator interface
  • Preparation-Analysis chamber standard
  • Unique specialty applications available: CL,


QuadraProbe: Cathode Luminescence via positionable optical fiber



QuadraProbe: Microwave Signal to probes and Magnet


QuadraProbe: Multiprobe transport measurements


Prep/Analysis Equipment

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