R9 Family Overview

R9: A Fully Integrated Solution

R9 provides a fully integrated control platform for all SPM modes and techniques. Examples are STM, STS, STS mapping, contact, intermittent contact, qPlus, force-distance, MFM, C-AFM, EFM, KFM, and many more. All connections between modes are made through software in the digital domain, eliminating the typical web of signal-degrading cables. All components required for even the most advanced measurement modes, such as high voltage amplifiers, lock-in amplifiers, PLLs, additional feedback loops, pulse generators and signal generators and digital filters are embedded inside the R9.

R9 has the unique ability to offer seemingly contradictory capabilities. R9 has a noise floor of only a few nV/√Hz but an analog bandwidth of almost 20 MHz. Attaining the impossible; R9’s unique design produces an unparalleled low noise and high dynamic range. This provides the ability to generate and measure signals continuously from microvolts to volts, as well as the ability to generate and demodulate frequencies from mHz to 20MHz. This wide dynamic range allows optimal performance without the need to frequently fine tune operating parameters as was necessary with previous generations of SPM control systems. It is no longer necessary to adjust sample offsets and slopes, or adjust ADC gains to obtain high resolution data. R9 has unlimited flexibility and configurability for the advanced user, yet can still be quickly mastered by the beginner.

R9 Quick Specifications

  • All digital, Purpose-Built Hardware for exceptional signal quality
  • Works with any SPM
  • One box integration for complete STM, AFM, and even KFM control
  • RHK’s patented IHDL (TM) for easy, drag-and-drop setup of components that automatically connect and validate
  • Patented, fully synced, lock-ins and PLLs
  • Fast transient measurement: 10 ns
  • Analog bandwidth 20 MHz for high frequency / harmonics detection
  • Lightning-Fast Crash Proof tip-sample approach
  • TBDA (Time Based Data Acquisition)

PMC100 Piezo Motor Controller

Over 20 years world’s leading researchers have depended on RHK to deliver the highest performance SPM control systems, with more than 1,000 units installed. Position control and nanoscale motion of system components in Scanning Probe Instruments often requires the use of highly specialized inertial piezo motors. These motors require a very sudden change in voltage to overcome strong frictional holding forces between the piezo and the secondary component. This requires special high voltage amplifiers with very fast slew rates. The RHK PMC 100 Piezo Motor Controller is designed to provide such a signal and can be directed to nine different outputs to operate nine separate motors!

PMC100 Quick Specifications

  • Designed to operate independently or with R9 control system
  • Supports both software AND remote handset operation
  • Individual channel configuration for all functions
  • Nine different outputs to operate nine separate motors
  • Remote operation capability over TCP-IP
  • Outputs shorted to ground when not active
  • Front panel LED indicates output fault

HVA 900 High Voltage Amplifier Module

The RHK Model HVA 900 High Voltage Amplifier module is a low noise, high performance high voltage amplifier module designed specifically for SPM users who require higher than normal SPM operating voltages for their piezo scanners. This includes operating piezo-electric devices at cryogenic temperatures where piezo response is dramatically reduced, making it difficult to perform SPM experiments over a meaningful sample area.

The Model HVA 900 interfaces with RHK Model SPM 1000 control system, providing expanded SPM scan control at low temperature through five 900V (±450V) high voltage outputs.

The HVA 900 is a rugged amplifier module built with special attention to low noise and high stability operation. All outputs are current limited to prevent damage to the amplifiers.


HVA900 Quick Specifications


  • Power: 100, 120, or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • External Control Inputs (10):  (5) ± 130 V and (5) ± 10 V
  • HV Outputs (5): ± 450 V High Voltage Amplifiers, 25mA per channel
  • Output Noise: <3.0mV peak-to-peak broad band and < 0.4 mV peak-to-peak power line harmonics
  • Frequency Response:  30 kHz small signal bandwidth into a 0.01µf load.
  • Slew Rate:  12 V/µs
  • System Isolation:  All inputs are buffered through differential input instrumentation amplifiers.