Press Releases

September 26, 2014

RHK Technology, Inc. announces the release of PanScan-Freedom LT

Troy, MI, September 22, 2014 – The PanScan-Freedom LT is an innovative new closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy performance, and atomic resolution in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package. PanScan-Freedom LT system features 15 K to 400 K operation without the expense and frustration of using liquid cryogens. PanScan-Freedom LT redefines helium-free low temperature performance, with an unprecedented XY drift as low as 0.2 Å/hour and Z drift as low as 0.2 Å/day.

RHK is to unveil the PanScan-Freedom LT at the 2014 AVS 61st international meeting being held in Baltimore, November 9-14. Visitors to the conference may see the system first hand in booth #410. (

PanScan-Freedom LT incorporates RHK’s purpose-built hardware, including the groundbreaking R9 control electronics, for lowest noise, highest performance, and industry leading cryogen-free low temperature performance.

Uniquely designed for easy adaptation, PanScan-Freedom LT can also integrate with existing chambers to provide an affordable, small footprint LT UHV SPM station on other analysis or process instruments already in place in a laboratory. The clever design of the closed cycle module also provides an easy upgrade path for existing PanScan systems, protecting the customer’s investment in their research.

RHK Technology, Inc. manufactures ultra-high vacuum scanning probe microscopes (UHV SPM), Control Systems, and Nano-Optical instruments for research in major universities and government laboratories around the globe. RHK is based in Troy, MI, USA.