Download XPMPro 2.0 and Manual (14MB)
SPM 1000 Data acquisition, processing and analysis
Now bundled with PLLPro Ver 2.2
RHK-All In One

XPMPro™ – Demo Data (8MB) – explore the capabilities of the software.
XPM Pro Demo Data

XPMPro™ – File Conversion Utility (3MB) 1. Translate various file formats, such as Omicron and Digital Instruments to the RHK SM3 format.
2. Translate SM3 binary header format to ASCII for export.
3. Translate SM2 files lacking the .SM2 extention to the SM3 format.

XPMPro™ – ALL-IN-ONE Download (30MB) Pre-packaged download includes:
XPMPro™, Demo Data, Manual and File Conversion utility.
XPM Pro 201