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  • PMC100 Piezo Motor Controller

    Position control and nanoscale motion of system components in Scanning Probe Instruments often requires the use of highly specialized inertial piezo motors. These motors require a very sudden change in voltage to overcome strong frictional holding forces between the piezo and the secondary component. This requires special high voltage amplifiers with very fast slew rates. The RHK PMC 100 Piezo Motor Controller is designed to provide such a signal and can be directed to nine different outputs to operate nine separate motors!

  • HVA-900

    HVA900 High Voltage Amplifier module

    The RHK Model HVA 900 High Voltage Amplifier module is a low-noise, high-performance high voltage amplifier module designed specifically for SPM users who require higher than normal SPM operating voltages for their piezo scanners. This includes operating piezo-electric devices at cryogenic temperatures where piezoresponse is dramatically reduced, making it difficult to perform SPM experiments over a meaningful sample area.

    The Model HVA 900 interfaces with RHK R9 control system, providing expanded SPM scan control at low temperature through five 900V (±450V) high voltage outputs. The HVA 900 is a rugged amplifier module built with special attention to low noise and high stability operation. All outputs are currently limited to prevent damage to the amplifiers.

  • image-2

    PPC200 HV routing control

    The RHK PPC 200 provides X,Y,Z coarse motion for Beetle scanners. It is also used for HV routing control for Beetle scanners. The PPC200 is a USB-controlled relay switch box that takes input voltages and divides them up and outputs them to the Beetle scan heads (it also has a Ground line).

  • IVP-R9 Second Stage Preamplifier

    The RHK IVP R9 is a Second Stage Preamplifier
    Bias-Preamp Interface Module that converts differential bias output from R9 into single-ended bias signal at scan head. Converts single-ended preamp signal from preamplifier into a differential output signal to R9.
    Output connector to bias: BNC
    Output connector to preamp: DB9
    Includes ±15 V to power preamplifier

  • IVP-100 First-Stage Preamplifier

    First-Stage Preamplifier for High Currents
    Current-voltage (I/V) preamplifier for high-current, high-bandwidth operation (conducting AFM, lithography, etc.)
    Gain: 107 (10mV/nA)
    Bandwidth: 250 kHz
    RMS Noise: 2pA (2.2pA) at 1.5kHz bandwidth and 0pF (100pF) input capacitance
    Max Measurable Current: 1 μA
    Interconnecting cable assembly to IVP-PGA second-stage preamplifier

  • IVP-200 First Stage Preamplifier, SMA

    First-Stage Preamplifier BNC or SMA
    Current-voltage (I/V) preamplifier
    Gain: 108 (100 mV/nA)
    Bandwidth: 30 kHz (50 kHz) at 0 pF (100 pF) input capacitance
    RMS noise: Max Measurable Current: 100 nA

  • IVP-300 First Stage Preamplifier, BNC-SMA

    First-Stage Preamplifier BNC or SMA
    Current-voltage (I/V) preamplifier
    Gain: 109 (1 V/nA)
    Bandwidth: 5 kHz at 100pF input capacitance
    RMS noise: 0.3pA (0.65pA) at 1.5 kHz bandwidth and 0pF (100pF) input capacitance
    Max Measurable Current: 10 nA

  • Beetle AFM Preamp

    AFM Preamp Assembly (Beetle)
    Four-quadrant AFM feedback signal current-voltage (I/V) converter

  • PanScan Freedom Tesla

    Probe Drive Interface

    Probe Drive Interface Box
    Maintains signal purity from R9 to oscillating cantilever Buffer Drive Electronics

  • R9-PSD Interface for Beetle AFM

    R9 PSD Interface (math box)
    Interface to calculate normal and lateral force signals from PSD four quadrants

  • IVP-R9plus Signal Control Module Programmable Gain Amp (SCM-PGA)

    Bias-Preamp Interface Module
    Converts differential bias output from R9plus into single-ended bias signal at scan head.
    Converts single-ended preamp signal from preamplifier into differential output signal to R9plus
    Software Programmable Bias Output ranges: ±0.1V / ±1V / ±10V
    Includes ±15 V to power preamplifier

  • R9plus Probe Drive Interface Module

    Buffer Drive electronics
    Software Programmable Output ranges: ±0.1V / ±1V / ±10V
    Interface cables
    AFM signal conditioning electronics