Image of the Month

February 2008

Nanografted Olympic Rings



SPM 1000 Control System featuring XPMProTM

Description :
Imaging conditions: Oxide-sharpened Si3N4 probes (kavg = 0.5 N/m). Image acquired in ethanol. Applied force for nanografting: 4.8 nN. Image size: 470 x 470 nm2

Topograph of an octadecanethiol self-assembled monolayer on Au (111) after writing patterns of 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid via nanografting. Patterns are generated when the AFM tip displaces the matrix molecules under high force. New alkanethiol molecules from solution assemble immediately onto the shaved areas of the surface, following the track of the tip. The five interconnected rings have a line width of 10 nm. The dark color of the patterns indicates areas of the shorter alkane chain of 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid compared to the surrounding octadecanethiol monolayer.

Courtesy of:
Johnpeter Ngunjiri and Jayne Garno Chemistry Department Louisiana State University