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Panscan Freedom SPM, VT Beetle
Event Date: August 16, 2021
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Panscan Freedom SPM, VT Beetle
Event Date: March 15, 2020

Mar. 15-20, 2020
German Physical Society Spring Meeting
DPG Dresden, Condensed Matter Section
Technical University of Dresden
Visit RHK-Schaefer at Booths #71 and #76, Tent A

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Panscan Freedom SPM, VT Beetle
Posted Date: March 9, 2020
RHK Technology 9 Plus

RHK Today!

January 2020

Greetings and Welcome to 2020!

RHK moves forward into 2020 well-positioned and excited about the new year ahead. 2019 was a year of positive changes as we reshaped our operations to enter 2020 even stronger than ever.

We deepened relationships and strict quality standards with selected top-tier suppliers to streamline manufacturing. To ensure ongoing innovation and top results for our customers, we retained all our core hardware/software scientists and engineers – along with all their unmatched experience and expertise. And we moved our facilities to a new address:

RHK Technology, Inc. www.rhk-tech.com

1233 Chicago Road Phone: 1.248.577.5426

Troy, Michigan USA 48083 Fax: 1.248.577.5433

Our new 2020 structure is ideal for providing the best customer support in the industry, plus the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Since 1981, RHK has been delivering cutting-edge Surface Science tools, and since 1987 hundreds of industry-leading SPM and nearly 1500 SPM Control systems. We look forward to many decades more!

RHK products are Built for a Purpose: Your Research, Your Success. We concentrate our resources on innovation, development and support for our products and customers. RHK is leaner, stronger, more stable and profitable, and more focused than ever! We are happy to say this will be our best year in memory!

We have made our Best…even Better! We design our products to advance your research, speed your results, and assure your success. We continue to offer our well-known Beetle and groundbreaking LT-cryo-free PanScan microscopes. The revolutionary PanScan Freedom can now be equipped with an integrated superconducting magnet. Freedom can also provide unique high-resolution optical positioning of the probe over features as small as 2 um. R9plus Controllers are upgraded with improved electrical performance, plus many new advantages. RHK Tech Support is ready to provide service, repairs, upgrades, and spare parts.

Choose RHK for Lasting Value. Recent Customer Testimonials demonstrate how RHK quality and innovation deliver deep, continuing value to our users. These scientists’ first-hand comments and praise about their success with RHK SPM and Control prove the point. Please see our website for their full statements.


Assoc. Prof. Jay Gupta Ohio State University RHK PanScan
provided a balance of high performance, cost and design flexibility that were attractive to us for two distinct custom projects…size and compatibility were big selling points.
Prof. Art Smith Ohio University RHK R9plus
experiencing the power and functionality of this fully digital system… [had] used RHK’s analog (Legacy) controllers for many years, obtained tons of high quality STM/STS data.
Dr. Andrew Crandall Jones Los Alamos National Labs RHK R9plus
RHK…worked closely to integrate [a single R9plus] with our microscope’s nine axes of scanning and six axes of coarse positioning…flexibly without reconfiguring cables.
Prof. Pramod Reddy University of Michigan RHK Beetle
enabled us in performing a number of key studies… first measurements of heat transport in atomic junctions…willingness of RHK to work with us in custom-designing the scanner.

We are RHK — and we’re ready to help.

We are RHK Today!

Adam Kollin,

RHK President

[email protected]

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Panscan Freedom SPM, VT Beetle
Event Date: March 2, 2020

Mar. 2-4, 2020
American Physical Society March 2020 Meeting
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO USA
Visit RHK Technology, Inc. at Booth #1724

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