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November 2014

PanScan Freedom Helium Free – Closed Cycle Cryostat Scanning Probe Microscope Shows Outstanding Low Noise Performance at AVS 2014 Exhibition


Stability verification of RHK PanScan Freedom showing no influence of environmental or cryostat noise on the In doped Bi2Se3 atomic structure at 18 K (collected during the AVS 61st Exhibition)

Performance verification of RHK PanScan Freedom showing exceptional performance, at the AVS 2014 Exhibition, on the Si(111) 7×7 atomic structure at 18 K

RHK is proud to highlight the outstanding performance of our PanScan Freedom at the AVS 61st International Symposium & Exhibition 2014.

The extreme stability of this microscope is demonstrated in the Baltimore Convention Center exhibition hall using an Indium doped Bismuth Selinide sample, showing both a high-level of isolation from the vibration of the Closed-Cycle Cryostat as well as the environment of the hall, yielding excellent performance with the noise level below 1 pm. The goal of a helium-free STM has been an elusive dream for the many researchers unable to secure a steady supply of affordable liquid helium.

Professor Miquel Salmeron said, “I was really impressed by your PanScan Freedom working so smoothly in the noisy environment of the AVS exhibit! The stability was superb and I loved immensely the closed circuit of He gas. This is so cool and so great at a time when getting liquid He is not an easy thing (not to speak of the cost). I wish I had money right now to buy one!”

RHK’s new helium-free PanScan Freedom enables every researcher to run their SPM at cryogenic temperatures endlessly without the trouble and expense of liquid helium.

Credits: Dr. Byoung Choi, RHK Technology

Microscope: RHK PanScan Freedom

Control System: RHK R9-STM and PMC100