Image of the Month

October 2014

PanScan Freedom Helium Free – Closed Cycle Cryostat Scanning Probe Microscope


Stability verification of RHK PanScan Freedom showing no influence of cryostat operation on the Si(111) 7×7 atomic structure


Drift verification of RHK PanScan Freedom showing X,Y drift as low as 0.2Å/hour on the Si(111) 7×7 atomic structure at 18 K

RHK is proud to highlight the very low drift Si(111) 7×7 image acquired on our PanScan Freedom connected to a running Closed-Cycle Helium Cryostat.

The extreme stability of this microscope is demonstrated using a Si(111) 7×7 sample, showing both a high-level of isolation from the vibration of the Closed-Cycle Cryostat with the cryostat turned off in the lower half of the image and excellent drift performance as low as 0.2Å/hour.  A helium-free STM has been an elusive dream for the many researchers unable to secure a steady supply of affordable liquid helium.

RHK’s new helium-free PanScan Freedom enables every researcher to run their SPM at cryogenic temperatures, endlessly, without the trouble and expense of liquid helium.

Credits: Dr. Byoung Choi, RHK Technology

Microscope: RHK PanScan Freedom

Control System: RHK R9-STM and PMC100