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PanScan FLOW for easy flexibility: LN2 (82 K), or LHe (12 K), or RT.

PanScan FLOW Overview

PanScan FLOW-LT provides a convenient means for researchers to move easily across specific temperature regimes while maintaining a reasonable cryogen budget. It’s efficient, very low noise flow cryostat is ready for LN2 and LHe whenever desired.

Low-cost LN2 provides ~82 K uniformly chilled tips and samples. This is ideal when LT stability is essential but LHe is not essential. LN2 is also useful when pre-testing LT experiment set-ups to ensure success before LHe is committed.

When LHe is crucial to research, the same PanScan Flow cryostat can be used for the coldest, quietest conditions at ~12 K chilled tip/sample.

PanScan FLOW is equipped with many of the same highly effective features as the ground-breaking Closed-Cycle Pan Freedom LT. These include highly effective eddy-current damped spring suspension; 4 ports for in-situ LT deposition; ability to change both tip and sample in 30 seconds; and UHV storage racks for a convenient tip and sample treatment and instant availability. And of course, PanScan FLOW provides the same rock-solid stability and proven results as Freedom.

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PanScan FLOW Specifics

  • LT-FLOW: STM and AFM-qPlus, switchable in UHV
  • Chilled Tip & Sample: ~12 K (LHe); 82 K (LN2) to 400 K
  • Atomic resolution
  • XY Drift = 1 Å per hour, guaranteed / Z Drift =1 Å per day, guaranteed
  • XY drift as low as 0.2Å/hour achievable / Z drift as low as 0.2Å/day achievable
  • In-Vacuum Tip or Sample Exchange
  • Change probes / sample without disturbing the other
  • Coarse positioning XYZ: 4mm x 4mm x 8mm
  • Scan range: 5µ x 5 µ XY at RT
  • Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
  • Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy
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