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Best of both worlds: Freedom SPM plus cryogen-free high Tesla magnet

PanScan Freedom Tesla Overview

RHK introduces the all new PanScan Freedom Tesla, the world’s first closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance in and out of magnet, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy performance, and integrated cryogen free superconducting magnet, in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package. PanScan Freedom Tesla enables you to explore tomorrow’s materials and make discoveries that will keep your laboratory first in science.

  • Integrated Cryogen Free Magnet!
  • 100% Cryogen Free System
  • Atomic Scale Resolution from 9K to 400K
  • Superconducting Magnet (3-6T)
  • Conventional Magnet Options Available
  • Allows SPM Operation In and Out of Magnet
  • Ultra Low Drift
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PanScan Freedom Tesla Specifics

  • Proven Core Design: PanScan Freedom Closed Cycle LT SPM
  • Integrates Superconducting Magnet 3-6 Tesla with its own Closed Cycle cooling
  • Entire system – both SPM and Magnet – free from liquid cryogens.
  • Chilled Tip & Sample at 11 K
  • Eliminates need for expensive cryogens
  • Maintains temperature indefinitely
  • Never run out of LHe during an experiment again!
  • Compact design
  • LT STM/SYS and AFM-qPlus, switchable in vacuum
  • Image in or out of the magnetic field
  • Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
  • Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy
  • Non-magnetic Scanner construction appropriate for high-Tesla environments
  • Coarse positioning XYZ: 5 mm x 5 mm x 8 mm
  • Scan range: 6 µ x 6 µ XY at RT
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