January 12, 2016

RHK Webinar on SPM Controllers – Unleash your AFM/STM with RHK’s new R9

Today’s SPMs are ever more powerful and precise. With such instruments available, your SPM Controller — not the SPM itself — now determines the actual performance of your overall system. Your existing SPM controller can impede your research if its electronics or software constrain your experimental freedom. Its jungle of noisy cables, poor dynamic range, and lost or disregarded data can limit your progress.

Conversely, an optimal Control package empowers your system to produce the most meaningful science and results. The ideal Controller must also seamlessly unite Depth of Capability and Simplicity of Operation. This is RHK’s new R9 Controller.

Watch this webinar to see what R9 can bring to your SPM research:

Advantages of fully integrated, one-box AFM and STM Control and internal lock-in amplifiers – from lowest noise to highest speed.

How wide Dynamic Range makes all measurements easier and optimizes performance without frequent adjustment of parameters.

Why viewing SPM data as time-based, not just pixel-based, reveals important insights other Controllers miss.

How to crash-proof your approaches with a high speed transient recorder.

Why LabVIEW constrains your operability and customizing of experiments and procedures, and slows down switching modes.

Watch now!